Best Bamboo Bat


Bamboo baseball bats are the perfect piece of equipment to play the game you love. Here we will review our picks for the best bamboo bats.

Firstly, why should you use a bamboo baseball bat?

Bamboo is fast growing, organic, sustainable resource that is easier on the environment than traditional woods. Not only that, but this amazing resource is lightweight and durable making it the perfect tool to hit those home runs with.

Here our are picks for the best bamboo bat’s:

Top Pick: Mizuno MZB 110 Classic Bamboo Baseball Bat, Black/Orange, 32-Inch

When it comes to amazing bamboo baseball bat’s a company called Mizuno really delivers. This is a classic sanded handle baseball for knocking it out of the park. It feels strong and durable without being too heavy. Overall, this is a beautiful BBCOR certified bat.

Honorable Mention: BamBooBat Adult Bamboo Baseball Bat, White/Matte Black, 33″/30 oz.

Another one of our favorites is the BamBoo Bat, baseball bat. This is another high quality BBCOR certified baseball bat which will feel perfect in your hands. BamBoo Bat really does make a good baseball bat. Overall a pretty affordable high quality bat.

Honorable Mention: BamBooBat Youth Little League Bamboo Baseball Bat, Neon Yellow/Black, 30″/24 oz.

Since we love BamBooBat’s so much we thought we’d through this one in too if you’re looking for a youth little league bamboo bat. It has all the things you’d come to expect with a BamBooBat, very sturdy, durable, with a nice looking design. It’s a great little league approved baseball bat for those that prefer a wooden material like bamboo, over metal bats.

The great thing about all the bamboo baseball bat’s that we mentioned in this list is that THEY ALL COME WITH A WARRANTY. Yes, this means that if you break your bat within the warranty period, just contact the company and they will replace it. When it comes to buying bat’s made from natural products like bamboo, they are known to crack and break every now and then. It’s just a part of the process, which is why these are great, because if they do break right away, you can get the problem solved.