Best Bamboo Bath Towels


Here we will review our top picks on  where to buy the best bamboo bath towels. Bamboo towels are one of our personal favorites. They are ultra soft as compared to their cotton counter part all while being more absorbent, drying faster, hypoallergenic, and anti-fungal. The softness really needs to be felt to be believed. It feels way smoother compared to cotton towels and we can’t go back after feeling them! They compare to Egyptian cotton but the fabric is more breathable and soft. You can read our picks for the top towels below:

Here are our best bamboo towel reviews:

Top Pick: Superior Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton Towels, Velvety Soft and Super Absorbent, Hotel & Spa Quality Bath Towel Set of 2 – Chrome, 30″ x 54″ each

Grade: A

Superior makes a bamboo cotton blend towel that we love. The quality is there on these towels as well as the size is just perfect for whatever use you have in mind. They make great bath towels, gym towels, even beach towels. These towels are pretty reasonably priced as well. They have the softness we love and heavy a medium-to heavy feel which we like in a towel.

Honorable Mention: Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton & Bamboo Rayon (White, Bath Towel – Set of 4)

Grade: B+

For turkish cotton fans chakir turkish linen makes a really nice rayon bamboo turkish cotton blend towel. We love the silky soft feel of these towels and they have a variety of color options which is a nice option when you have display towels in your bathroom so you can have towels that match your colors. You can’t go wrong with these towels.

Honorable Mention: Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels – Natural, Ultra Absorbent and Eco-Friendly 30″ X 52″ (White)

Grade: B

Lastly towels coming from the Ariv Collection make our list. These towels are only 30% rayon from bamboo, but they are the most reasonably priced towels on the list. They come in packs of four which makes them about half the price of the other towels on our list. They have that luxury bamboo feel and come neatly packaged in a cute ribbon. We recommend these for those looking for nice budget towels that feel luxurious.

That’s it for our list of the best bamboo towels.

When caring for you newly acquired towels remember:

  • It is best to wash and dry on low heat, preferabbly delicate wash with similar colors
  • For best results tumble dry or dry on low heat only, this will preserve the softness of your towels