Best Bamboo Blinds


window-blinds-bamboo-bestBamboo is a fascinating material that can be used to make many different items. One of our favorite products that can be made from this versatile building material is bamboo blinds or bamboo shades. Here we will review our picks for the best bamboo blinds.

There are a few different styles of bamboo shades that are popular. Bamboo matchstick blinds and bamboo roman shades are two of the more popular styles. These decorative blinds are not only affordable, but they make a great stylish addition to any room. We love blinds made of natural eco-friendly material such as bamboo, which is why we recommend these blinds over traditional ones. Plus they look awesome.

Now let’s get into the list!

So what are the Best Bamboo Blinds?

1. Radiance 0216200 Cape Cod Bamboo Roman Shade with Valance, 23″ W x 72″ L, Maple

Our top pick for the best bamboo blinds belongs to the Radiance Bamboo Roman Shade with Valance. We love the rustic look of these blinds. It’s easy to use, has great light filtering, and is an affordable options when it comes to home decor. These are not privacy shades though. Light does stream through these blinds. The dark bamboo looks beautiful and natural, which makes it a great addition to our home. One of the best things about these blinds is that they have a variety of size options to fit any window. Overall these are very durable and reasonably priced window blinds and it’s a well deserved number one spot on our list.

2. Calyx Interiors Bamboo Roman Shade, 31-Inch Width by 54-Inch Height, Dali Tuscan

The number two spot on our list of the best bamboo shades for windows belongs to a company called Calyx Interiors with their Bamboo Roman Shade Blinds. These are beautiful light filtering blinds that come at a pretty reasonable price. No matter what the decor and style of your home is, this brand has a wide variety of colors to match your decoration needs. They are very durable and made from great natural eco-friendly bamboo. The best thing about these is really all the color options they have that will suit your every style. Overall a well deserved spot on the list.

3. Chicology Bamboo Roll Up Blinds / Wood Window Blind, Bamboo, Privacy – Acorn, 23″W X 64″H

The third spot on our list belongs to Chicology with their Bamboo Roll Up Blinds. If you prefer the matchstick style of bamboo blinds then these make a great pic! The dark bamboo looks beautifully made and very durable, in addition to these blinds being very affordable! Our favorite color is personally the acorn, but depending on how you want to style your room, they have a few more unique color options compared to some of the other brands. This is a great product from a great company!

4. Arlo Blinds, Java Vintage Light Filtering Bamboo Roman Shade with Valance – Size: 24″W x 54″H

The fourth spot on our list with another Bamboo Roman Shade with Valance blind style is a company called Arlo Blinds. These are beautiful top quality light filtering blinds. This company makes a variety of different colors of natural looking bamboo blinds that are a great addition to your home. The only major drawback of these blinds is that they are a little more expensive than some of the other blinds we’ve review so far. Still if you find yourself really liking one of the colors, it could be worth it for you. Overall these are pretty solid blinds and their not that expensive.

Well that completes the list of the best bamboo blinds for windows. Overall in terms of style and quality a lot of these blinds are very similar. They are all very reasonably priced too. You might be better off reviewing each one and looking at all the different color options to see if there is one that would match the style of your home. You wouldn’t want blinds that completely clash with the colors of your home or bedroom. The good thing about these companies is they make a variety of styles and colors of bamboo blinds so we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs!

If you’ve tried other bamboo blinds that you think are great and think they should be on the list, be sure to contact us and we’ll look into them.

Thank you for reading!