Best Bamboo Hair Brush


Are you wondering where to buy the best bamboo hair brush? Well look no further, because here we will review our top picks for the best bamboo brush you can buy. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of a bamboo hair brush.

One of the top reasons to consider using a bamboo hair brush is because bamboo is a highly renewable resource. Typical brushes are made from plastic, and we all know how harmful plastic is for the environment. Besides being environmentally friendly, bamboo hair brushes also are gentler on your hair, which helps you to stay tangle free and shiny.

Here our are top picks for the best bamboo brush brands:

Top Pick: Beyond 100 Naturals Dry Scalp Bamboo Paddle Brush for Hair Detangler, Dandruff Scalp

Our top pick for bamboo hair brush comes from a company called Beyond 100. This hair brush has everything. It not only detangles hair but it also massages your scalp. Stimulating your scalp increases nutrients in your hair follicles leaving your hair shiny and tangle free. This brush is also perfect for brushing away dandruff. We love this hair brush and recommend it as our top choice!

Honorable Mention: ALLMILL Natural Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush-Detangling Scalp Massage Hair Comb in an Eco Friendly Box for All Hair Types (2694)

Another one of our favorite bamboo hair brushes comes from a company called ALLMILL. This hair brush is another high quality piece, made from bamboo. The brush is similar to the Beyond 100 brush, but we feel like the scalp massaging component of this hair brush isn’t as comfortable as the Beyond 100 Brand brush. If you’re main concern is just brushing you hair, the is still a fine brush. We think you would be very happy purchasing this brush overall though.

Honorable Mention: VelvetBreeze – Natural Bamboo Hair Brush with Wooden Bristles and Peach Wood Comb Set – For Women’s All Types of Hair – Improve Your Hair Growth – Massage Scalp For Strong Hair

VelvetBreeze makes another bamboo brush that we really admire. It’s comfortable and really does get the job done. It feels sturdy in our hands, which we really like in a brush. Many brushes we have used feel cheap and this definitely isn’t the case with this brush, even though it’s priced so low. Another bonus is that it comes with a comb! This is really a great value, and makes a great gift as well.

If you have tried other bamboo brushes that you think should be on the list, be sure to contact us!