Best Bamboo Knife


If you’re looking to find the best bamboo knife, look no further. We’ve reviewed many bamboo knives and compiled a list of what we believe are the top bamboo knives money can buy.

We love having bamboo knives in our kitchen. They add a beautiful natural touch to any utensil set. Not to mention organic environmentally friendly bamboo is something we cannot get enough of.

Here is our top picks on where to buy the best bamboo knives: 

Top Pick: Totally Bamboo Non-Browning Bamboo Lettuce Knife

This is hands down our favorite bamboo knife for our kitchen. Totally bamboo makes awesome products and their bamboo lettuce knife is top notch. It’s lightweight and feels very durable in our hands. We like a sturdy feeling kitchen utensil and this is it. It’s best for cutting soft foods like lettuce, cakes, soft sandwiches and other items.

Honorable Mention:  BambooMN Brand – Solid Bamboo Dinner Knife 8″ – 10 pcs

BambooMN makes another great bamboo dinner knife. We love these because they come in bulk packs. Although they are smaller in size that the Totally Bamboo Lettuce Knife, these are great because they are travel size. They make excellent knives to bring with to work, or on a camping trip since they are lightweight and durable. Overall a great back and you get 10 for the price of what one Totally Bamboo Knife would cost.

It is important to remember that with a natural product like bamboo knifes, they should be hand washed only genty with soap. To get the most life out of them, do not place them in the dishwasher. If you allow the item to sit while wet for extended periods of the time, it may damage. So, it’s best to keep the dry after use. This will extend the life of these products.