Best Bamboo Leggings


Here we will review our top picks for the best bamboo leggings. Leggings, or bamboo yoga pants, are not only extremely affordable, but they also feel amazing. Products derived from bamboo fiber have a very soft and silky smooth feel. Bamboo leggings are no different!

Bamboo fabric products are all the rage currently in many fashion industries. And for good reason too! Besides the comfort and benefits of bamboo clothing, growing bamboo plants is also great for the earth! Growing bamboo improves the nutrients in the soil improving it’s quality and making for a more sustainable earth. Also bamboo grows naturally without needing pesticides that harm the environment to help the crop grow. This makes wonderful for keeping the earth healthy. Another great thing about growing bamboo plants is that besides the fact that they are one of the fastest growing plants in the world, the also produce more oxygen than the standard plant. Oxygen is great for the planet!

Furthermore, bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource. This makes it a great buy for those Eco-conscious shoppers. Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the earth it  makes it an incredibly sustainable plant to produce from. This is why we love it so much!

In addition, bamboo yoga pants regulate body temperature. They wick moisture very well, and breathe better than cotton. Also they do not absorb odors, which keeps you smelling great after an intense yoga session.

In conclusion, bamboo leggings are an all around great buy. If you have never tried them before, we highly recommend them. They are completely affordable and feel luxurious. You might even like them better than high end leggings, because they are so comfortable

Here our are top picks on where to buy the best bamboo legging brands:

Top Pick: Spun Bamboo Women’s Bamboo/Organic Cotton Capri Pant-Large-Black

Our favorite pick for bamboo leggings comes from a company called Spun Bamboo. These pants are 70% viscose from bamboo, 20$ organic cotton, and 10% spandex. These pants are capri style leggings. They are extremely soft and comfortable. We would recommend these as both lounging pants or even Pilates and yoga exercise pants. Bamboo fiber is such a versatile material that it works for both of these activities.

Honorable Mention: Fishers Finery EcoFabric Capri Legging; Casual Lounge Legging (Navy, S)

Another one of our favorite picks is brought to you buy a company called Fishers Finery. These leggings are also 70% viscose from bamboo, 20$ organic cotton, and 10% spandex. These are capri style pants too and feature an elastic waist for comfort and fit. They breathe very well and the fabric is soft and silky. These are great for everyday use. One of our favorite things about this brand is that they offer a variety of colors. Most companies that make bamboo leggings only offer black, but here you will find an array of colors to suit your needs.

Honorable Mention: Sternitz Women Fitness Pants, Dhana, Perfect For Pilates, Yoga and any Sport, Bamboo Fabric, Ecological and Soft. Long Pants Stuck. Very Comfortable. (Medium, Grey)

Another one of our favorite brands of bamboo leggings comes from a company called Sternitz. These pants are advertised as women’s fitness pants and are composed of 94% bamboo fiber and 6% elastan. These pants are soft and breezy, really making them good exercise or fitness pants. They have all the staple features of bamboo fabric pants, being breathable, temperature regulating, and cozy. One complaint that some may have with these pants is that they may feel a little thin. We personally love this in our bamboo workout pants though, so we had no issue with it.

Overall, bamboo leggings or yoga pants make a great buy and we think this list has the best bamboo leggings you can buy with your money. Our favorite thing about bamboo plant fiber derived plants is the versatility that they have. They make great lounging pants, whether you want to lounge around the house and relax or other activities. But in addition, they make for an excellent fitness pants. Whether you are just working out, exercising, or doing a yoga or Pilates class. The smooth silky moisture wicking and breathable bamboo fabric is the perfect material. Not to mention the fact that this fabric does not absorb odor like a cotton or polyester fabric, it’s a bonus because it keeps you smelling odor free despite how sweaty your exercise session may get!

Caring for your bamboo leggings

Bamboo fiber derived products are very comfortable to wear. There is no doubt that compared to other fibers such as cotton and polyester, bamboo products have a smooth silky feeling that is unbeatable. When you acquire new products such as bamboo leggings or yoga pants, you want these products to last and stay in good condition for as long as possible. That is why we recommend taking extra steps to preserve the softness of your bamboo gear.

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your products

When it comes to cleaning your new pants, don’t just throw them in the wash with every other clothing piece and wash on a high heat. Instead use a gentle or milder cleaning cycle. It is also recommended to use a milder detergent as well. Do not ever use bleach on your bamboo products. This can damage the delicate fibers that derive from bamboo plants and ruin your clothing. You can use a small amount of baking soda rather than bleach. Also, do not use fabric softener either.

When it comes to drying your new bamboo fiber derived clothes, the very best option would be to place them on a clothing line and air dry them. Obviously depending on where you live, this may not be an option as temperatures may be too cold in your climate zone. If you are to place these items in the dryer, it is best to use a low tumble dry setting. For the best results, take them out of the dryer immediately after they are dry. This will help preserve your pants.