Best Bamboo Longbow


best-bamboo-longbowHere we will review our picks for the best bamboo longbow. Bamboo is a great environmentally friendly resource that is durable and lightweight, making it the perfect material for archery and longbow equipment. Bow and arrow’s have been made out of bamboo for a long time, because of the durability of bamboo.

So what is the Best Bamboo Longbow?

1. 20-55LBS Handmade Traditional Crimea Tartar Recurve Bow for Archery or Hunting (35lbs)

Our pick for the best bamboo longbow belongs to AF Archery with their Handmade Traditional Crimea Tartar Recurve Bow. This is a beautiful lamination bow that’s technically a blend of bamboo, glass fiber, and ash wood. Having a string length and total length of 125 cm, 31 cm draw length, and a brace height of 17 cm, this is truly a beautifully made bow. It’s lightweight and durable, and has a very smooth draw. Overall it’s a great bow especially since it’s affordable compared to some high end pieces. Another bonus is that they offer a few different weight options for bows which is really nice depending on what you needs.

2. 35~50 Pound Traditional Laminated Archery Longbows Maple and Bamboo Material Archery Recurve Bows Hunting Horsebow Archery Bows (50 LB)

The number two spot on our list belongs to the HuntingDoor Traditional Laminated Archery Longbow. This is a beautiful recurve bow with a darcon bowstring. Made with a blend of bamboo, maple, and elastic fiberglass, this is a durable and lightweight bow. The draw length is 28,” Bowstring length is 50,” and the length of the bow is 52.8.” Overall this is a smooth and quality piece of equipment with low hand shock for shooting precisely and comfortable. A very good bamboo bow, and very affordable too. They also offer a few different weight options depending on what you are looking for.

Well that completes the list of the best bamboo longbows. If you’ve tried one that you think deserves a spot on the list, be sure to contact us and we’ll take a look at it.

Thank you for reading!