Best Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk Chasen


Here we will review our picks for where to buy the best bamboo tea whisk or matcha chasen.

We love the traditional japanese matcha tea. Not only does it taste delicious, but it has many health benefits as well! The frothy consistency of a good matcha can only be produced by a great bamboo tea whisk. In a good whisk we look for durability, splinter free bamboo, and the appropriate size for our matcha. As well as one that will produced the frothy matcha that we love!

Top Pick:  BambooMN Matcha Whisk Set – Golden Chasen (Tea Whisk) + Chashaku (Hooked Bamboo Scoop) + Tea Spoon – 1 Set

We love this tea whisk. We actually are so impressed with this whisk that we didn’t even include any other on our list. This matcha whisk chasen is beautifully made, splinter free, and includes a spoon and chashaku which are great for dishing out your favorite matcha powder. It is the best tea whisk you can buy. The price is unbeatable and it produces that frothy matcha that we love.

Here are some tips for getting the most of out your new chasen whisk:

  • Do not allow the chasen to sit wet, wash by hand gently and dry immediately after use.
  • Avoid dragging the whisk at the bottom of the bowl to keep the whisk in shape
  • To get the frothy matcha consistency, use the whisk in zigzag motion

It is natural for the tines of the the whisk to unravel after use. It does not really affect it’s ability to make a good matcha tea. But, if this does bother you. We would recommend buying a good whisk holder or matcha rest. These are designed to for you to store your whisk on to help and keep it’s shape.

Bonus Tips on How To Make Matcha Tea Taste Good

It might take some testing to figure out how much matcha powder to use for your taste, but it’s important to be able to use the whisk in a way for best use. If you like your tea frothy, it’s best to use the whisk in a zigzag motion, this allows for the traditional frothy style matcha tea that many love.

We hope you enjoyed our review.