Best Bamboo Shirts


Here we will review our top picks for the best bamboo shirts that money can buy.

Our favorite thing about bamboo shirts is that they feel soft and lightweight. This makes them ultra comfortable. In addition since bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, they keep odors away so you stay smelling fresh. Not to forget the insulation factor of this fabric, which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Here our are top picks for the best bamboo shirts:

Top Pick: Crew Neck Undershirt for Men – Luxury Shirt in Bamboo Viscose (Single Pack, Natural White, Medium)

TexereSilk makes our favorite organic 70% bamboo viscose 30% cotton shirt. They have a variety of decent colors and are pretty reasonably priced for a t-shirt. It has that luxury feel of bamboo fabric and makes a great stylish look. You cant wear it as an undershirt and well and it will keep you cool all day long. Overall a great buy.

Honorable Mention: Worboo Men’s Bamboo Crew Neck Undershirt(X-Large,Army Green)

Worboo’s bamboo shirt’s are 95% bamboo fabric and 5% spandex. The worboo shirt feels ultra smooth against our skin which we really like. It’s only a few dollars more than the TexereSilk, but still a great value. Very comfortable and breathable and worth the money.

Honorable Mention: tasc Performance Men’s Carrollton Tee, Indigo Heather, X-Large

Tasc Perfromance makes a fantastic bamboo shirt. It is only 40% bamboo, but sometimes the blends work best. We actually really like this shirt. As avid gym goers, these exercise performance oriented shirt’s are something we truly love. The moisture wicking abilities of bamboo fiber are almost a must have for workout shirts these days. We couldn’t go back to a regular cotton shirt after wearing something like this. The only drawback is the price. If you’re just looking for a decent t-shirt we recommend one of the other shirts. But if you don’t mind coughing up the extra dough for a high performance exercise shirt, this is our favorite.