Best Bamboo Socks


Here we will review our picks for where to buy the best bamboo socks.

Bamboo Socks are what first got us hooked on bamboo. They are truly amazing, which is why we have compiled this list of the best bamboo socks to buy, and where to buy them! These socks are typically made from a blend of bamboo pulp (called rayon) and other traditional fibers such as polyester, cotton, spandex, or latex.

Compared to the traditional sock bamboo fiber socks offer a number of benefits. The top benefits being that they are naturally anti-bacterial and wick moisture which adds comfort and prevents odors. Because of this, they make great diabetic socks and also great exercise socks due to their superior moisture wicking abilities. They make a great wear in every season.

Check out the list of our favorites!

Where to buy bamboo socks?

TOP PICK:  Men’s Medium/Large Rayon from Bamboo Fiber Sports Superior Wicking Athletic Ankle Socks – Charcoal – 4prs, Size 6-10

Grade: A+

Our top pick comes from a company called BambooMN. These socks are the perfect socks for everyday wearing for those that love ankle socks. We wear them around the house or to the gym, they’re great everywhere. The best thing about these socks is that they are very well built, they are not too thin like many socks we have worn, but they are not too thick either. They wick very well and leave our feet odorless and comfortable.

Honorable Mention: Elite Women’s Casual Bamboo Socks, Crew Size (Black)5 Pack, Fits shoe size 6 -10

Grade: B+

Laetan is a European company which makes excellent casual socks. These socks are made from bamboo viscose and are perfect everyday and casual or dress socks. Our favorite thing about these socks is how breathable and thin they are which keeps our feet nice and cool all day long. They are also great budget socks as they come in a  5 pair pack making it a steal when it comes to bargains!

Honorable Mention: HZH Mens Antibacterial Bamboo Fiber Socks Pack of 10 (7-10 Size, Black)

Grade: B+

HZH also makes a great bamboo sock which made our top five picks for this category. Our favorite thing about these socks are the price! They come in a pack of ten which makes them an absolute steal. They are very comfortable and breathable.

Honorable Mention  Men’s Extra Large Rayon from Bamboo Fiber Stripe Socks – Assortment 6A – 6prs, Size 10-14

Grade: B

Our favorite thing about these socks are the fun colors they come in. They make great casual or dress socks while providing the comfort and cool feeling that bamboo socks are known for. There are not very many options when it comes to striped socks which makes these refreshing colors something that we really dig!

Honorable Mention Yomandamor Best Mens Bamboo Mid-Calf Diabetic Socks With Seamless Toe,6 Pairs L Size(Socks Size:10-13)

Grade: B-

We gave the socks a try and we do like them, but they are more for the diabetic crowd. They feature the loose feel that is the staple of diabetic socks while having the anti-bacterial properties and moisture wicking abilities of bamboo. This makes them great for overall foot health for those that struggle finding a good pair of socks.

Well that rounds up our list for now. We urge you to give the socks a try. If we missed your favorite sock be sure to contact us and we’ll give them a try and see if they make the cut!

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