Best Bamboo Sunglasses


best-bamboo-sunglassesAre you looking for where to buy the best bamboo sunglasses? There are many different bamboo sunglasses brands selling all different types of frames and styles such as aviator sunglasses. There are many expensive and cheap options and here we will review them all so that you make the best purchase possible.

We love the eco-friendly look of wooden bamboo framed sunglasses. Bamboo is a sturdy durable material that we can’t get enough of. Who knew they could make for such stylish shades in addition to all the other eco-friendly benefits.

So what are the benefits of bamboo sunglasses?

Bamboo sunglasses are durable and sturdy, in addition to being environmentally friendly. This is one of the majors draws for these eco wood shades. In addition they are ultra stylish. They attract attention with their sleek look. In addition bamboo is cool and lightweight making them ultra comfortable to wear. So throw away those typical shades and get with the new eco-friendly wooden bamboo style of glasses.

Now let’s get into the list!

The Best Bamboo Sunglasses

1. GEARONIC TM Polarized Wood Wooden Mens Womens Bamboo Vintage Sunglasses Eyewear with Bamboo box – Blue

Our top pick for the best bamboo sunglasses comes from a company called Georonic TM with their polarized bamboo frames sunglasses. Their comfortable bamboo framed sunglasses are top of the line with a 53 millimeter wide frame.They are everything you want in a decent pair of shades, comfortable, stylish, lightweight, water resistant, scratch resistant, This pair of sunglasses also comes with a cool organic bamboo carrying case. Not to mention all the different color options they. This is definitely our top pick for the top bamboo sunglasses!

2. Bamboo Wood Sunglasses -Polarized handmade wooden shades in a wayfarer that Floats!

Coming in at number two on our list a company called 4est shades makes an awesome wooden bamboo framed sunglasses. These stylish quality shades are handcrafted from completely natural making each piece it’s own unique story. They are polarized lenses and they offer two lens width options: 51 millimeters or 55 millimeters for those that are particular about their glasses. These come with a free carrying case, pouch, and microfiber cloth to care for your glasses. And for those who are avid swimmers or love the beach, these glasses also float! No more losing glasses in the water! We really love that feature of these quality glasses which is why it comes in at number two on our list!

3. Bamboo Wood Sunglasses for Men Women, IVSTA Polarized Wooden Vintage Wayfarer Sunglasses

Carving out the number three spot on our list IVSTA makes an awesome Bamboo Wood Sunglasses which we love. These shades are top notch polarized sunglasses. The lens on these sleek shades are 50 millimeters wide and 50 millimeters high, made with ultra comfortable bamboo frames. These glasses fully protect against harmful UA and UV 400 rays making it the ultimate stylish eye protector. This set also comes with a travel pouch, travel case, and microfiber cloth to keep your glasses in tip top shape. Overall these make a very great buy as they’re one of the more affordable options on our list as well.

Well that wraps up the list of the best bamboo sunglasses. All of these options are relatively affordable for a pair of quality shades and we definitely would recommend these to anyone looking to try a pair.

Thank you for reading!