Where To Buy Bamboo Rolling Mats


bamboo-sushi-roll-matsIf you’re in the market for good bamboo mats for rolling sushi, you might not know where to shop to buy your roller mats. Here we will take a look at our favorite places to buy bamboo rolling mats for sushi. (Sushi ingredients not included of course).

Where To Buy Bamboo Sushi Roll mats?

BambooMN 6x Green Bamboo Sushi Making Rolling Mats 9.5″ x 9.5″ (Set F)

Our favorite bamboo sushi rolling mats are the BambooMN Brand Sushi Making Rolling Mats. We love these mats not only because of the high quality of the product, but also because of the quantity, and variety of color options and size options they have. The one we have linked to here is for 6 green 9.5″ x 9.5″ Bamboo Sushi Mats, but they also have a variety of other colors and sizes to select from, overall they are all great and affordable as well.

BambooMN 10.6″ Sushi Oke Tub (Hangiri) 19 Pieces Sushi Making Accessory Kit

If you’re really looking for the ultimate sushi making set, you might consider the BambooMN Sushi Tub Set. This one not only includes the bamboo rolling mats you are looking for, but it also has a sushi tub, along with a variety of other utensils and serve-ware for your delicious sushi. If you’re an avid sushi creator, you might consider going for this.

Caring For Your Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mats

It’s important to remember that bamboo is a natural product, and as such it is prone to grow moldy and weak if it is allowed to sit while wet for extended periods of time. Because of this, it is best to gently hand wash your mats with a mild soap, and then dry immediately after use. This will prolong the life of your products, so you can continue to get the most sushi out of your mats. Eventually, they will need to be replaced, but you want to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible!

We hope you enjoyed the tips! Thanks for reading!